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    Jiangxi Baoshunchang" Carton 2017 FlOWEXPO trade fair" has achieved a great success

    文章來源:  發布時間:2017-05-23  瀏覽人數:3547

           The 20th International Trade Fair for valves, pipe fittings and fluid equipment was held on May19-21,2017 in Block C, Canton Fair Puzhou Complex. In order to broaden our views, open our minds, for better exchange and cooperation, as an exhibitor for the fair, we make full use of this opportunity to have good exchange and negotiation with the producer and distributor of valves, piping fitting, pump from domestic and oversea. Of which including the customer from Russia, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia have strong interest in our nickle alloy, and seek for further cooperation. We got a lot from this exhibition, we will continue to make efforts to increase the brand’s popularity, and make “Baoshunchang super alloy” known to more people.

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