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    Baoshunchang CTEF has achieved great success.

    文章來源:  發布時間:2017-09-02  瀏覽人數:2670

           Congratulation to the success of The 9th China (Shanghai) International Chemical Technology& Equipment Fair, As one of the famous super alloy company, Baoshunchang super alloy also attend this fair as exhibitor, Our company listed our product sample such as: fitting、flange、forging、round、sheet、elbow、irregular fitting on the fair. Our resistant corrosion alloy and high-temperature alloy have attracted both old and new customers, and they also had great interest on the nickel alloy, Many customer consulted in detail towards our finished product testing and gave praise to us at last . Through the opportunity of deeply exchange with customer, we opened our eyes while reaching the cooperation intention, and there will be new chance for the development for Baoshunchang super alloy.

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