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    Bao shun chang _ Deep dragon boat, leaves fragrance

    文章來源:  發布時間:2015-07-15  瀏覽人數:2358

    Each New Year flower like, following years person is different, a circulating for more than two thousand years of national holiday "Dragon Boat Festival", through the vast history of clouds, in the baptism of wind and rain, like a rainbow, reflects the long history of civilization. Winter spring, we in light brown sweet again ushered in the year of the Dragon Boat Festival.

    The arrival of this holiday season, the company general manager for each staff into three wishes:
    1. Wish all staff and your family a happy Dragon Boat Festival flourish.
    2. Wish every employee during the holidays can adjust itself, have their own goals;
    3. Wish every employee in the later work smoothly and maintain high morale, forge ahead.

    A gift, a sentence by sentence wishes, the company all staff have the tacit understanding, every employee is permeated with the joy smile, all employees believe in the company leadership under the guidance of correct, Jiang xi bao shun chang metal manufacturing co., LTD. Will surely star-spangled illuminated a better future.

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