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    "Quality assurance" is to ensure that the treasure bao shun chang to meet customer requirements and needs. We know the quality of the products is our character, people hard to stand, without virtue, no mass is not constant.

    Quality assurance penetration in our whole company organization. It begins with received enquiries and submit quotation, and distribution of the production plan and determine the order requirements (detailed instructions for alloying, hot and cold processing method, testing standard, heat treatment process, the product form and status, product identification, packaging and transportation), through purchasing raw material to finished product packaging of the entire production cycle, and through the EPR system track the whole production situation and feedback customer.

    The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, in order to "quality as the life, the good faith as a fundamental" as the management policy. Set up the treasure shun chang brand, achieve sustained innovation!

    Address:NanYuan Road,High-Technology Industrial Direct,XinYu City,Jiangxi Province  Tel:0790-6960660  Fax:0790-6960678