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    Jiang xi bao shun chang special alloy co., LTD. is a newly established professional production and sale of nickel base alloy products of high-tech enterprises, the total investment is one hundred million yuan RMB, the company is located in xinyu hi-tech zone south source road, now need to recruit the following personnel (pay five insurance company, specific interview) :

    First, four security (urgent): junior high school above culture, 50 years old the following, a strong sense of responsibility, 1800-2000 yuan a month, company food and accommodation;

    Second, the salesman 10: male, college degree or above, character cheerful, good at communication, can bear hardships and stand hard work, the probation period for 3 months, 2000 basic salary + commission, after the obtainment of 2400 basic salary + commission;

    Three, two office clerk: female, college degree or above;

    Four, detection 1: is there a inspection qualification certificate, nickel base alloy inspection experience is a plus;

    Fifth, JiaoGangGong 1: experience in casting steel is preferred;

    Sixth, forging engineers 2:


    1, college degree or above, metallic materials, heat treatment, forging, pressure processing related disciplines;

    2, familiar with forging and machining process;

    3, with strong communication and coordination ability, relevant working experience is preferred.

    Seventh, ordinary workers 16: male, 40 years old the following, good health, have a steel factory working experience is preferred, 2500 a month. If you are interested, please contact with our company, treatment interviews!

    Address:NanYuan Road,High-Technology Industrial Direct,XinYu City,Jiangxi Province  Tel:0790-6960660  Fax:0790-6960678